A Mafia Paradise – the Ethiopian Empire

maficaFebruary 17, 2013 (Ayyaantuu.com) — A lot has been said about the Tigrean People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). I have devoted a significant portion of my time to break the merciless law of silence that surrounded an organized criminal group, a villain’s club and highly skilled professional criminals that call themselves a Liberation Front. These villains are intertwined based on clan, marriage, region and language to build a criminal network. The disastrous neglect by many Oromo intellectuals, the conspiracy of silence by the international community and tacit recognition of these criminals by countries that we used to perceive as the forces of order has emboldened these tyrants to commit severe human rights violations with impunity.

Truth itself obliged us to speak truth to power on a heroic scale and we are very successful in decoding the codified and ritualized control networks of this criminal group. The world is now well-informed about these criminals more than ever. What is ahead of us is a collective action to survive as a people. It is worth to note that these criminals have targeted the best and the brightest Oromos. To refresh your memory, this is what we have recently read on Gada.com: EPRDF’s Anti-Oromo Policy,Stated Government Policy

Oromo nationalism is perceived as the greatest threat to the ruling government party (the Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front – EPRDF – an umbrella party, led and dominated by the Tigrean People’s Liberation Front – (TPLF). According to the EPRDF party journal, Hizbaawi Adera [People’s Custodian], Tahsas 1989, Ethiopian Calendar [December 1996]:

“To defeat narrow nationalism … must be part of our struggle. In order to have a lasting solution to our problem … we have to break narrow nationalist tendencies in Oromia … we have to fight narrow nationalism to the bitter end … to smash it in a very decisive manner … fighting the higher intellectual and bourgeoisie classes in a very extensive and resolute manner … The standard bearers of narrow nationalism are the educated elite and the bourgeoisie. [W]e must be in a position to eradicate all narrow nationalists …” (quoted from Oromia Support Group’s report)

Although Oromo intellectuals, businesswomen and men are the prime targets of the TPLF, the uneducated Oromos are not immune to be eradicated. To significantly reduce the Oromo population, they have conscripted a large army from the uneducated population into their military. They use them as cannon fodders, as human waves to clear land mines for the TPLF military leaders in the bloody wars in conflict-ridden parts of Africa in general and in the Horn of Africa in particular. They use them as “peace keepers” in these conflict areas to earn foreign currency at the expense of peoples’ lives.

Our collective actions as a people must be geared to reverse these heinous crimes against humanity. We must collectively act as a people and dismantle these criminal networks. Before attempting to convince the world, each and every Oromo must convince her/himself to defend her/himself from genocide. We have the right to defend ourselves from such highly planned eradication and genocidal policy of this minority regime. Malthusian theorists may argue that this is necessary to control population growth but as a human rights activist I personally disagree with such very immoral and barbaric crimes against humanity.

Changing a Mafia Paradise into a Decent Society

I am asked by a very good Oromo to review and comment on the political program of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) that was revised in October 1976. Since then, the Abyssinian colonial regimes have tried to wipe out and eradicate Oromo intellectuals and businesswomen and men by labeling them and accusing them as members, sympathizers and supporters of the OLF. They have called all names: narrow nationalists, anti-communists, separatists, secessionists, nowadays “terrorists”. They have reserved the right to themselves to call us and label us the way they think suits them best. When their bosses were in Kremlin, the appropriate label was anti-communism. After the collapse of communism, they have abandoned Marxis-Leninism to align themselves to the new world order and they had to label all Oromo higher intellectuals and businesswomen and men (bourgeoisie classes) as “terrorists”. They have neither a permanent moral center nor a standard principle. During Haile Selassie’s regime they were trying to portray themselves as elect of God. These political prostitutes are not reliable clients to either the West or the East.

It is pretty obvious why they have split the Orthodox Church into two – the first one TPLF dominated and the second one dominated by Amhara elites in exile. It is up to Oromo Christians to tell them that they don’t have a patent right to Christianity. The Muslim community has wonderfully challenged this highly immoral mafia organization. Their main objective is obvious. Mother nature has endowed Oromia with rich natural resources and they want to exploit them to the maximum.

I have reviewed the political program of the OLF and like any political programs drafted by the left-wing intellectuals that were opposing the highly oppressive and exploitative feudal monarchy and Abyssinian colonialism, there are some loaded languages and words in it. This generation has the right to uphold and preserve the huge sacrifices made by our heroines and heroes. Many precious lives were lost; many families were dispersed; a tremendous amount of property was destroyed by our enemies before and after the formation of the OLF.

I personally believe that the political program of the OLF was drafted by the best and the brightest minds of the mid 1970s. Those who survived the killings have proved their intellectual capabilities to the world and the Oromo people. Some of the wordings must be revised and I have the feeling that the following paragraph needs to be revisited according to my personal opinion:

V. Sympathizers of the Struggle

“Many peoples in the world today are engaged in anti-colonial, anti-imperialist and anti-Zionist struggles. Included in such struggles are the oppressed social strata and other progressive forces and movements in the world engaged in the struggle against feudalism, colonialism, imperialism and all forms of reaction.”

I personally think the above paragraph needs careful review and wording. I also believe that we can re-write the anti-Zionist struggles as: We support a secure and peaceful Israel living side by side peacefully with Palestine. Some may perceive such remarks as an anti-Semitic. In addition to this point, If we officially declare that we are against Imperialism, it is no wonder if Imperialist forces work against us. They actually worked against us by supporting tyranny. I think this needs careful consideration and revision by the new Oromo generation. Such loaded languages might have been the major causes behind the conspiracy of silence. Such unconditional material, moral and technical support to one of the most brutal and tyrant regimes in the world, despite the widely reported human rights violations by human rights groups, might be as a result of such loaded languages.

A stick and carrot policy was used to reward these criminals and penalize the Oromo and other freedom fighters. Some Oromo intellectuals have been scandalously trapped by this temporary reward and became collaborators to such a genocidal policy. Some of them have been disgracefully expelled after their service was no more needed by the brutal regime.

They have also criminalized dissent and denied us the right to get organized pursuant to the rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Revolutionary Democracy is the highest form of human conspiracy and an axis of immorality. Oromo advocates and scholars have successfully exposed most of the highly systemic genocidal policies of these brute forces and their former allies may no more be interested to protect and defend evil. What is good has always proved to be a winner in history and the Oromo people will soon prove again this fact to the world. What is evil is morally indefensible.

We have every right to defend ourselves from the genocidal policies of these criminal groups. We have to rise up as a people and say enough is enough. We say no to extra-judicial killings, barbaric torture in detention centers, being forced into exile against our will. We say no to land grab by the TPLF and its foreign allies. We have to say enough is enough to use our youth as cannon fodders and human waves to clear land mines for the TPLF military elites in conflict areas in the name of peace keeping.

Instead of relying on political organizations alone, we need to build our capacities and strengthen various Oromo institutions and civic organizations. Oromo intellectuals and friends of the Oromo people have managed to create a strong academic institution – the Oromo Studies Association (OSA). We need to support it and strengthen it further. Oromo media is mushrooming and the fragmented ones must come together and work under one or two major outlets. We have to stop listening to what we want to hear over and over again. Instead, we must target and reach out for our people in Oromia who are the prime targets of the TPLF. Other civic organizations such as women’s associations and youth associations need to be strengthened further under Oromo Community Organizations worldwide.

Human Rights Organizations such as Oromia Support Group (OSG), the Human Rights League of the Horn of Africa (HRLHA), Oromia Justice Council (OJC) and others must also be supported by the Oromo Communities and Oromo civic organizations to expose the human rights violations and genocidal policies of the TPLF regime. We have enough qualified Oromo citizens scattered around the world to run and manage these civic, community and human rights organizations. We need to form council of elders from the aging leadership guru to groom and train the Oromo youth. These councils of Oromo elders have to play an advisory role to prepare the youth for current and future challenges and leadership roles.

We also have the moral obligation to uphold high moral standards to defend our rights and the rights of other highly marginalized ethnic groups in the Horn of Africa in general and the Ethiopian Empire in particular. I am confident that our freedom does not mean the slavery of any people in the region. We must be able to promote our wonderful Gada Democracy, our culture of tolerance and respect for laws made by good and reasonable people.

Different factions of the OLF and other concerned Oromo citizens, by now, must arrive at a consensus where our collective instincts are converging. Future Oromo generations will never forgive us if we keep on failing our people by trying to hide ourselves under the umbrella of very small controllable units instead of uniting under one strong organization. It is long overdue and many concerned citizens are very much worried about the goose steps taken by Oromo political organizations. Such baby steps are no more helpful.

President of the World Bank, Jim Kim, recently wrote on Linkedin network quoting the philosopher John Dewey that “the person who really thinks learns quite as much from his failures as from his successes.” It is high time that we learn from both our failures and successes.

Kallacha W. Kune


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