For More Than 130 Years Tested and Failed Unity of Abyssinia, Oromia and Others Nations Colonized to Form Ethiopia.

The formations of empire called Ethiopia in the Horn of Africa succeeded by Menelik II in 19th century after many failed attempt by his preceding rulers. Menelik II became successful by the help of imperial west countries. They helped him by providing modern weapon and advise to achieve their own objectives in the area. As a result Menelik able to conquer the indigenous nations like Oromia, Sidama, Hadiya, Walayita, Ogadenia, Afar and many others. After destroying more than five millions of Oromo and others, they start to exercise the colony system which helps them to rule over for many years. As a result they destroyed the identity, culture, language of the colonized nations. Soon they begin to play physical, psychological and spiritual games on the colonized. We need to point out that superficially they are saying that we are working for the unity of Ethiopia. The cold war after colonization continued. Menelik knew Oromo and other nations are the majority. He will never continue peacefully without removing and replacing their identity and being. That is why he said we need to mix them up genetically through marriage to form new Ethiopia. Immediately after war to colonize is over, he ordered his soldiers to marry beautiful girls from Oromo, change their original names, identity and being. Just analyze the truth what cities in Oromia look like today; the foundation which is the premise of colonization. I don’t mind if someone marries a person who he or she loved. My argument is that the Habeshas used the natural marriage to prolong colonization on Oromo nation. I personally like and respect all human kind by who they are. What I and Oromo don’t like and accept is their deeds on the others. They do to others what they don’t like to do on themselves. The Habeshas used every means to their maximum capacity to change the identity and culture of all the colonized nations under the name Ethiopia. Even the Menelik regime tried to change the name Oromo which is name of person which has many children today in Oromia. For those who don’t know the father of Oromo, Oromo is the son of Waqo whose origin is around Mada Walabu, between Bale and Borena in Oromia. They did the same to Walayita, Sidama and others. These are the natures of colonizers. In spite of all such unity destroying actions against nations and nationalities in Ethiopia by themselves, they forced the colonized nation for unity. The colonizers, Abyssinians exploit the nature and economy of the colonized nations. The worst thing which other colonizing countries didn’t fully exercised but the Menelik regime and the succeeding rulers followed is that they keep the colonized nation in general and Oromo in particular under illiteracy. That is why the prime minister of Hailesilase Regime advised General Tadese Biru against education campaign to teach Oromo. Akililu Habtewold thought that Tadese is Habesha because he speaks Amharic fluently; that is why he disclosed this secret to General Tadese Biru who trained the Noble Prize winner Mandela during struggle of apartheid regime in South Africa. This anti Oromo advice given by Akililu to Tadese, ignited General Tadese Biru’s heart to join the Oromo Liberation Front. So are we Oromo who worked to destroy the unity of Ethiopia or the colonizers themselves? If so why they blame the Oromians who are pushed away, counted as a second citizen on their own land? Everybody who lived in Oromia and grown with Oromos, knows that Oromo is kind, hospitable, caring and loving people. Some of the singers of Habesha, sing for the nature and natural gift of Oromia but they are sick to hear about the freedom and right of Oromo. During the Haile Silase Regime Oromo and other nations counted as servant while the colonizers as lord. The children of the Habeshas went to school but Oromo and others produced the food on their own land to supply more than half of production to their land lords. The Habesha ruling system threated the people they call in one country differently but expect in reverse the unity. It is a puzzle for me why they failed to recognize this? I thought that they think by tip of the gun; that is why they worked to destroy unity among nations and nationalities. We can substantiate that they colonized the nations by gun and they thought that gun and force would keep on unity.
After the formation of empire Ethiopia, these colonized nations particularly Oromia played a great role to defend the territory of the country. Particularly the war with Italy, we always remembers the known hero Abdisa Aga who defeated Italians in many ways. Above all the children of Oromia even under colonization contributed a lot to introduce Ethiopia to the world. Abebe Bikila the first black, African Marathon winner with bare foot is unforgettable. Today thousands of Oromo athletes gave a name ‘green flood’ in the making of popularizing the colonizing empire. Still no change for Oromo, except killing, exploiting, imprisoning and displacing from their own land.
Derg arrived to guarantee the land less Oromo and other nations to make the owner of the land. But sooner they begin to kill Oromo intellectuals who survived the discriminations of Habeshas. General Tadese Biru, which all Oromo considers as great hero, executed by Derg. Teferi Banti who tried to rule and settle the unity of that country soon murdered. Oromo youngsters were murdered in mass during the Derg Regime. No body from Habesha side to oppose and stop the killings. But still they are shouting for unity. But when Oromo say we have tried and worked hard to keep the unity and to civilize together, the Habesha push away Oromo by every means possible. And when Oromo say enough is enough with Ethiopia, we are determined to decolonize ourselves; they blame Oromo for failed unity forgetting their progressive suppression and discrimination they exercised on Oromo. Even if Oromo get ready to forgive all evil deeds for a century, they chose to continue the same repression and exploitation; they have been doing so far.
In 1991, during the transitional government, Oromo was a part of main change as Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) was fighting to dismantle the Deg Regime and became successful. But after one year the Habesha, all from North start thinking to destroy OLF from the transitional government. As a result, tens of thousands Oromo youth all over Oromia were murdered. Intellectuals, silently killed, disappeared, tortured and imprisoned. Still more than 50,000 Oromo intellectuals, students, farmers, from all walks of age and sex including Bekele Gerba and Olbana Lelisa are suffering in the horrible prison of Ethiopia. Tens of thousands flee away to save their lives and many are drawn away by ocean and seas. But no body from the unity seeking Habesha groups, try to oppose the action which had destroyed the unity of that nation. How come only Oromo National particularly targeted by successive rulers of Ethiopia (the colonizers)? After death of tyrant and dictator Meles Zenawi, once again the majority of the country, Oromo People ignored on transitional power sharing. Instead of correcting a century mistakes, Ethiopian ruling groups continued to repress Oromo. In September 29, 2012 when more than 3 million of Oromo from all over Oromia came to celebrate their indigenous and cultural festival, Irrecha, peacefully at Bushoftu, the Ethiopian ruling government soldiers attacked the participants because they had their cultural clothes and materials with them. More than 200 hundreds taken to prison for torture, many have gone home bare body, without clothes as the Tigray People Libration Front (TPLF) soldiers striped them in a shameful way. Every day in Oromia today Oromo People imprisoned for torture and death. They continued to destroy the villages and houses of Oromo People. We remember the recent destruction of Bole Bulbula Oromo Community houses in Addis Ababa. Without any consideration they TPLF leaders destroyed more than 400 Oromo Family’s houses. The people became homeless; their children went to street for begging. Still nobody protested the action of government from the unity sides. But when their own people they think forcefully displaced from the South Nations and Nationalities, the unity sides were shouting loudly from all over the world. But when it comes to Oromo even some of the unity leaders rejoice of the sufferings and repressions that have been carried on Oromo People. On the other hand they are working to destroy the unity of Oromo, to force Oromo as used to be into the night mare of unity which they themselves destroyed it.
From the past trials of keeping Ethiopia in unity, the victims were Oromo and other colonized nations. Therefore, that is why Oromo Liberation Front, Ogaden National Liberation Front and Sidama Liberation Front and others forced to choose to regain their own original independent country and to exercise their freedom and the right on their own. I don’t think these unity groups learn today to respect the freedom and right of oppressed and colonized nations in Ethiopia. Because we have actually tested and examined the practice of fake unity for more than 130 years in that country. And the worst thing is that there is no single sign of correcting a century mistakes. As Dr.Martin Luther King said Freedom never voluntarily given by oppressors but should be demanded by the oppressed. Oromo generation and other colonized nations should work in unity to achieve their freedom from the hegemony of successive Ethiopian rulers particularly TPLF.
Oromia and other oppressed nations in Ethiopia shall be free!


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