Unity of Oromo Should Genuinely Be Built Based On Only Oromummaa!

I used to hear many Oromo say that if we all Oromo pass our urine into the hole of our enemy at the same time, it will take away at once our enemy as a strong flood. Oromo have been suffering for more than a century due to the breakage of our back bone, Oromummaa by colonizers and their supporters. While our urine is enough if we passed it in unity and solidarity to regain our land Oromia from the hands of those who fears our unity, we made our selves scattered. Let alone those small colonizers so far we experienced, Oromo’s unity can move a big mountain that blocked Africa not to cross into their blessings. So, how shall we reflect the unity and solidarity of Oromo all over the world during the time of Qubee Generation? We Oromo residing in different parts of Oromia are designed by colonizers by removing the love of Oromummaa. Instead of building Oromummaa which is a great threat to their survival and exploitation of all what God cherished Oromo, they trained us gandummaa and gantummaa. This is exactly the nature of being colonized by external warriors. Anything, whether it is evil or good which is sown to the fertile mind of Oromo children will never leave easily. That is why what colonizers sown into our mind still goes from the generation of Gobana Dacee to the current betrayals of Oromo into the camp of TPLF, Lichoo, Abdataa and OPDO. Gobana was well trained by Minilik II before sending him out to murder his brother and sister based on the gantummaa and gandummaa. In the same manner OPDO were trained by TPLF before sending them to betray their own brothers and sister of one father and mother, Oromo. While talking about Gobana OPDO unable to learn from the mistake he has done before he was murdered by Minilik II. In the same manner TPLF sent 150  OPDO officials to prison in 2011 because their growing against their will and it was a sign of being colonized by minor TPLF. Are we learning from the fate of Gobana and OPDO? Are we building our selves based on gantummaa and gandummaa? Many OPDO are today more concerned about the fate of their country Oromia, but they must have power and moral to act especially when the leader of TPLF, the dictator and killer of Oromo Generation left for good. Now this is the best opportunity for OPDO supporters, members to build them based on Oromummaa to scarify for the wellbeing of Oromo future generation and country. OPDO if you don’t stop gandummaa and gantummaa and don’t act now for future Oromia the fate of Gobana is waiting you ahead.

TPLF tried all the best option to divided Oromo in every line they can. By using religion they used to send their hidden security agents to burn the local churches and they create the fake name Muslim fundamentalist make them responsible for burning the churches.   The security agents enjoy when churches or mosques burn by watching from the distance because their hidden system of ruling is achieved through such mechanisms. That is the author confirms that Oromo has no culture of building their unity around the religion and region but based on Oromummaa. God first create Oromo not the religion they believe. Without Oromo we cannot talk about Muslim, Christian and Waaqeffataa. Oromummaa comes before religion. But, it is the respect of all Oromo to follow what so ever faith they would like to rely on. Qubee Generation have proved that they would like to build themselves not religion or region but on Oromummaa! In 1999 and 2000 Oromo’s Qubee Generation tried a wonderful plan to show that they are Oromo and to destroy the barrier of religion and region among them. The place was Chilalo Secondary School in Central Oromia of Arsi the origin of best Oromo athletes in the world. They are two groups who want to generate once again the foundation of Oromumma; Oromo students from Muslim and Christian slaughtered to oxen from both sides. They wanted to exchange the meat and eat, Christians eat the meat of slaughtered by Muslims and Muslims eat the meat from Christian’s side. However the mission of these young visionary students became futile by the security agents of TPLF, which never want the ones of Oromo based on Oromummaa. Still these young high school students send a great message to those who build themselves around religion and region to struggle for Oromo. Those high school students said we have no vision to pass the colonizers design to make us apart using gantumamma and gandummaa strategy to Qubee Generation. Congratulation! Qubee Generation of Oromo. What is your vision for the unity of Oromo ( G. Gemal Gelchu, Dawud Ibsa and Dhugasaa Bakako)? What is your message for such Qubee Generation? Division or unity? Answer practically. If being three is considered as a strategy for you cooperation among you is a sound way.

The author quotes: A leader without vision makes a generation blind! Our respected elder Lencho Leta said on VOA July 28, 2012. ‘ we have established fourth branch by collecting some individuals who dropped out of original OLF vision to create Oromo Dialogue Forum; but we don’t have still vision for it. It is very laughable if there is no vision for dialogue no need of forum for that matter. Unless there are hidden agenda behind. Why individuals without vision going to confuse Oromo Generation? It is the choice of Oromo to build them on the vision of Oromummaa than on the no vision!

Oromummaa should be defined for common understanding: Orommmaa is scarifying oneself for the love of Oromo and Oromia, for their wellbeing and generational freedom and prosperity! Oromummaa is our respected common value which we all Oromo build upon for our Greater Unity in the Horn of Africa and beyond.

Oromummaa is a big magnet to attract small ones for solidarity!

Let us build Oromo on the vision of Oromummaa!

May God bless Oromo and Oromia!


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