Pain Killer for Our Headache, to Dissolve Us! Watch out Oromo Wolves among the Sheep!

The title is parable; it has bone and bone marrow. It should be defined and be explained well. What is pain killer? Do we have headache? How can we dissolve? How come the wolves? These might be the questions which revolves in one’s mind when encounter the title.

The author heard interview concerning the current situations of Oromo inside Oromia and diaspora.  Oromo said well in their great proverb (mammaksa): ’Aak jedhan waa tufan mammakan waa himan’. This is the author’s deep concern of which all concerned Oromo should share.  As we all know, our main headache to all Oromo is branching among the OLF main stem. The OLF main stem is the Oromo People on which they are rooted in the soil of Oromia. We can’t talk about OLF without the root and stem. That is why the division among the OLF factions became a great threat and headache to us in general. For our headache the ones who want to dissolve us want to give us temporary pain killer. I want to remind Oromo the great athlete of Oromo Kenenisa Bekele had ones great head because he lost his beloved fiancée. Because of his headache he forced to enter the trap of wolves that lastly and completely dissolved him. The wolves are very shrewd that they approached to help him and pretend to give relief superficially for the headache. They dissolved him and added headache to Oromo People; that was the wolves’ main target. Similar scenarios are circulating these days and find support, planned to stand among the sheep and finally dissolve completely. Small salt dissolves soon inwater but mass salt dissolves slowly watch out!

I would like to express my gratitude to Radio Marii who helps me to see the movement for trap to dissolve. What so ever the objective of this radio, it is very good to have it. As the author is an Oromo, it is our culture and custom to give respect to elders above all to all human beings even Oromo respect his own rival in the form of enemy. That is why adoption (guddifachaa) born on the land of Oromia and among Oromo People. Oromo has no culture of hatred but show love and humanity to make his own blood (lammii). That is our identity which we carry to pass to our generation. Let alone dividing his own blood (lammii) Oromo has such a great heritage to love his neighbor what so ever, could be enemy or friend. So, if division and hatred is not our culture, how come repeatedly among the OLF is a challenging question. We are obliged to glance back to our past life under colonization for more than 120 years. In a net shell, we prepare sandwich usually by dividing a solid bread or bend to put something we are interested into to eat together with the bread.  Our colonizers broken the Oromo into parts and gave names so that we were suitable for them to swallow us. They had been successful for more than a century on which we are not still aware of it. The things we used to put among the broken, dissected, trisected bread are slice of meat, vegetable, egg, or sauce, cheese and others. As the meat, egg, vegetable, sauce, cheese placed among the slices of breads our colonizers for so many years have been working of planting religion, purposive intermarriage, imposing strange culture by destroying the original,  dismantling the Gada Democratic System, dividing single stem of Oromo into different branches using names and differentiating areas and demarcations. Therefore, we have been eating these as a sandwich and we are grown up with and matured. Ones we are get matured it is very difficult to get separate from. Many of us considered this as a normal Oromo being as we grown up with. That is why Oromo lost unity among themselves. There are no other reasons OLF get divided into three parts apart from this. We are grown and get matured in our bounded areas where colonizers demarcated for us. Therefore, only a hero or heroine who breaks this boundary brings strong solidarity among Oromo. Thus, all Oromo should pray to raise such person who leads Oromo to one and only one stem of unity!

Let me return to the pain killer giver and for our headache and lastly to dissolve us completely. Oromo has also a strong saying which can substantiate my words.  ‘Yaa marqaa si afufuun si liqimsuuf.’  As I have said in my former article (, I am not blind and deaf to negotiation that brings lasting solution to the demand of Oromo people. But, we need to finish our very small difference among us (the three OLF) by the initiation of ourselves not the externals before we plan to negotiate the fate of Oromo People with others! That is the strong and unwavering stand of the author; surely many Oromo share the same stand.

As Radio Marii disclosed by making interview with Professor Ephrem Isaac whom, the author respect as an elder. Because it is our culture to give respect but it is not our culture to give our freedom.  With other elders they have planned to make reconciliation among the three OLF factions, which is our headache. They also planned to give us temporary pain killer by bringing the three together so that Oromo consider this as a favor and open their hearts for further negotiation for dissolution. Watch out they might have secured support from others which are behind the mission, but without the support of Oromo People who are thirsty of freedom, their hidden plan become futile. May God help Oromo to understand wolves among the sheep to destroy? If God is with us who can be against us?  If the three OLF factions decided to enter into this negotiation of making peace among them by external agents, the author say nothing but they have forgotten totally and destroyed completely from their being the reconciliation culture of Oromo. Oromo reconcile to his own blood (lammii) who offended him even who killed his relatives by the initiation of Oromo themselves not from externals. It is a great shame to Oromo to hear and see their children unable to forgive their own brothers and sisters, their own blood. Rather open their gates for externals, who want to take their main core secret of existence on the table of fake reconciliation. Dear our respected leaders of OLFs ( Dawud Ibsa, Dhugasaa Bakakoo and General Kamal Gelchu) don’t bring further shame to Oromo People by opening  gates among yourselves; Oromo People from all over the world waiting you to reconcile to yourselves by your own initiation of forgiveness. Never try to give your main existence and the struggle to free Oromia to externals. Enough is enough division among brothers and sisters of Oromo. All Oromo should be vigilant on the revolving wolves among the sheep.

I pray for the unity, love, forgiveness and solidarity among Oromo.

May God Bless Our Father Land Oromia!




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