Any Form of Negotiation Forum with TPLF is for Division and Disunity among Oromoo People!

Oromoo says in its proverb: ‘Wise learn from the past mistakes and make better effort to correct it; while foolish repeat the same mistakes they have already committed.’

These days there are confusing rumors are channeling among the concerned Oromoo People and supporters of Oromoo struggle. As friends and enemies of liberation struggle well aware Oromoo People have been colonized for more than 130 years under Ethiopia. Oromoo is well known by Mammaksa (proverb): ‘Namni akkam bultee beeka, akka itti bule abbaatuu beeka’ literally translated, one who says good morning doesn’t actually concern how the person passed through the gloomy night. Only Oromoo People know the bitterness and agony of colonization for more than one century. In the middle of 19th century due to colonization by Menilik II Oromoo lost its five million populations due to mass massacre where the bones of our ancestors laid at Chalanko and Anolee as witness today in our fathers’ land Oromia.

From the day of colonization Oromoo People have been struggling to make their own land Oromia free from colonizers. As a result of the movement for liberation and freedom Oromoo’s mothers and fathers sacrificed their lovely sons and daughters. Tenth of thousands of Oromoo scholars, fighters, students, farmers, leaders of community lost their precious life and shaded their costly blood to gain their land and freedom. On the other hand, there were and are few betrayals among well respected Oromoo People who only created to fill their daily belly. This is not unique to Oromoo but it applies to all who passed through the process of colonization. There were traitors and betrayals when South Africa colonized by apartheid system. They continue to exist also today; as weeds are common in cereal crops, are there the traitor and betrayals among true freedom fighters. Betrayals and traitors are among many reasons for the Oromoo forced to continue under inhuman and savagery colonization.

Many Oromoo’s heroes and heroines who had sacrificed their youth age and life have been praised and celebrated among upcoming Oromoo generation and by Oromoo People all over the world. The scarify Mamo Wolde paid hanged on street by colonizers for his being an Oromoo and struggling for his own people, 1968. The role of Mamo for establishing the movement for freedom among the Oromoo is fresh in all Oromoo minds. Those who founded Oromoo Liberation Front (OLF) for the purpose of freedom and independence were written in the heart of Oromoo People as a part of their blood. Baro Tumsa, General Tadese Biru, Elemo Kiltu, General Wako Gutu, Alemu Kitessa and those OLF leaders who resist not be separated in the line of Christian and Islam buried in a single grave, 1980. They always praised and witnessed as symbol of Oromoo Unity and as true children of Oromoo who paid their life for the love of their own people. Oromoo gave away countless children to gain the right and freedom bestowed by God.

In 1993 and after wards due to betrayals and traitors the blood of Oromoo fighters changed the color of Gambela River and other rivers in Oromia due to mass killings conducted by Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) leaders. The role of the former OLF leaders in massacring the Oromoo generation by making them armless was very significant.

After OLF left the Transitional Government in Ethiopia, to the current time extremely selective killings on the Oromoo youngsters, scholars, leaders, elders, business persons, popular farmers , and tomorrow’s generation particularly university and high school students continued in a wide range by  the command of TPLF leaders. Gadisa Hirpha and Alemayo Garba who were killed by the brutal TPLF while they are attending their university education with the most top grade recorded in the campus will never forgotten by Oromoo People. According the state department human right report of 2010, the officially recorded prisoners under TPLF are more than 86,000.

Among these it is obvious that more than 90% of them are Oromoo People.

By proclamation 2009 any Oromoo who stand up to ask for their human right will be charged as terrorist and tens of thousands of Oromoo generation are suffering in extremely dangerous prison centers which most of them are in hidden places.


Therefore abusing torturing, exploiting, killing, mass imprisoning and displacing Oromoo People from their own ancestors land TPLF seeks its mysterious negotiation with some who call themselves OLF leaders to purchase the time of exploitation and colonization. Let me take back the experience of the negotiation of OLF with liar TPLF. What happen then? What was the result? Was there unity among Oromoo afterwards? Wise leader of OLF negotiators must ask themselves such questions before repeating the same mistake which downgraded Oromoo’s struggle for freedom and independence. What were the main hard lines for negotiation in 2008? Who benefited from the propaganda of negotiation with OLF?

After 2008 The Hague, Netherlands propaganda of negotiation, the division of OLF was very fast. Abba Biyya Abba Jobir headed to Finnfinne after playing the key role of killer Trojan horse virus. Dawud Ibsa and General Kemal Gelchu Group made a solid line for separation. Abba Biyya Abba Jobir headed Finfinne to open fake office which serves as an agent for TPLF for division. Abba Biyya Abba Jobir has now created good link with his former Trojan friends in diaspora to confuse and divide. Where is heading the struggle of Oromoo People? How long confused and betrayal leaders confuse the alarmingly booming Oromummaa and Oromoo generation struggle by talking with liar and killer TPLF leaders? How possible to clean the colonized and corrupted mind to rebuild for the freedom of Oromia and for the benefit of Ethiopia in general.

Prof.Efrem Yisak after destroying former Coalition for Unity and Democracy (CUD) completely in 2007 he becomes very successful to divide OLF into more than three groups in 2008.  These all damage to the Oromoo unity and struggle comes as a result of negotiation by publicly and corruption secretly.

Watch out Oromoo Prof. Efrem Isak, Abba Biyya Abba Jobir connected their divisive lines to Lencho Leta and Dima Nagawo for more negotiation, for more division among OLF. We don’t know who will join the negotiation table and corruption cell for division and colonization. Who is behind the nightmare of negotiation? Wikileaks+Ethiopia+Reaching+out+to+the+OLF+and+cutting+Eritrea+divisive+influence

For understanding of my audience no body hates negotiation which brings good fruit to the freedom of Oromia and Oromoo People. But we know the very nature of TPLF, they were the same yesterday 1993 when they betrayed OLF and Oromoo People in general. They were the same when they divided OLF in 2008 and before, they were the same when the destroyed CUD completely. They were the same when they divided ONLF.  They are same yesterday today and until they are completely removed from our father land!

Foolish can go and negotiate with TPLF in Finfinne but wise learn from the past!

When fake negotiators gathered, the shaded blood of Oromoo generation is still shouting up from the soil for freedom.  Don’t negotiate on the blood of Oromoo to fill your temporary belly!

Watch out Oromoo and continue our fighting and struggle for freedom of Oromia. STAND UP FOR OUR UNITY! Don’t be surprised if Gobana deserted us into the camp of our colonizers!

May God bless Oromia, our father land?

Oromia shall be free!

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