A Civil Conflict masterminded by the Ethiopian authorities have claimed 4 lives and caused the displacement of more than 30,000 Oromo’s in Western Oromiya

May 9, 2012; Naqamte

The Oromo and Benishangul-Gumuz nations have lived in tolerance, peace, and tranquility in western part of the current day Ethiopia for several centuries until the coming of TPLF led regime. The current regime top politicians looks highly skilled, committed and succeeded in putting fire between peaceful neighboring nations in a bid to save time in an ever growing discontent against the regime itself.

In 2008 alone, they armed, trained and sent Gumus militias to burn villages and kill innocent Oromo civilians in which more than 400 were confirmed dead in a very brutal fashion. When pressure mounted as revelation increase on the role of the federal government in the massacre an executive order were passed down to administrative level in which dozens of Gumus militias were sentenced to death.

It is also to be recalled that a leaked recording from high level political meeting uncovered that the Current President of Gambella Region Mr Omod Obong defended himself from the December 13-16, 2003 Anuak massacres by saying “If I have to go to prison, then Meles should also do the same, because he gave me the weapons and the troops”. Then he was reinstated to govern the region in a bid to cover the matter. So it is quite clear that always Meles of his top political advisers are always behind inter ethnic strife in Ethiopia.

In an apparent attack ignited by the regimes security apparatus between Oromo’s in Ebantu Woreda and Abay Peninsula residents in East Wollaga on the 7th of May 2012, at least 4 Oromo’s and unconfirmed number of Abay Penisula residents have lost their lives. These include:

• Mr. Garbaa Caalii
• Mr. Tasammaa Daamxoo
• Mr. Hundee Amanuu and
• Mr. Garbii Mokonnin

What is more, in a conflict ushered in a similar fashion by the regime on power between Limmu Oromos and Gumuz militias backed by Ethiopian government on the 7th of May 2012 have already displaced more than 30,000 Oromo’s living in the area. School and other basic service giving facilities were also destroyed.

Knowing these fact and the destructive role the Ethiopian authorities are playing, the international community should act now before the situation went out of control and turn destabilizing for the whole region.

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