The Trojan Horse that Intends to Destroy Original OLF File

For those who know the virus that attack the soft ware of computers can understand the damage it causes on the computers that lacks effective anti-virus. Among the viruses illegally and purposely created,Trojan Horse is the notorious one. It destroys the files, data and systems stored for many years. This virus doesn’t take long time to destroy the contents of the computers ones it entered through any medium that help to reach the center.

Starting from January 1, 2012 Trojan Horse displayed itself that it has been attacking the very important and central part of OLF’s original file for which many Oromoo heroes and heroines lost their precious life. This virus which targeted the OLF’s file named itself ‘Jijjiramaa’ literally means change itself every time. As the Trojan Horse change the name of the file it attached immediately, ‘Jijjirama’ also changed the file of OLF which stored for more than 38 years in the data system of many Oromoos. As Trojan Horse don’t ask or negotiate with the owner of the data, to change the name of the file and lastly destroy, ‘Jijjirama’ also didn’t ask or make agreement with the owner of the file the original OLF and the Oromoo People at large. That is why I compared the Trojan Horse with ‘Jijjiramaa’ group at equivalent level. I dare to erase the respected name OLF which I only know struggling for the freedom, unity and benefit of Oromoo People from the the Trojan Horse (Jijjiramaa group). ‘Jijjiramaa’ group changed only their name without even shooting out a single bullet towards to their former leaders, TPLF. If they have made even a single positive change for Oromoo People after they entered OLF, Oromoo should have praised them above all. But without making any positive change attaching the name ‘changing oneself’ nothing but destroying and disorganizing the unity, love, respect (safuu), culture (aadaa) and democratic system (gadaa) of Oromoo People.

Above all, after destroying the original file of OLF and Oromoo People, shaking and disturbing of the unity of Oromoo the group attach itself to other miscellaneous and temporary file called G7. Oromoo say by their proverb ‘ namni mana ofii diigee mana ambaa ijaruu hindeemu’, one can not destroy his own home  and join others to build for them at his own place and by his own expenses. Such person who destroy his own home will affect his family, relatives who has been homeless for more than 130 years at their own fatherland. ‘Jijjiramaa’ group has been doing the same thing  since they declared themselves. They deserted their fellow Oromoo brothers and sisters behind and Oromoo People in disarray they joined the group which don’t recognize Oromoo and Oromia; even while they are suffering under the prison of TPLF, while many are dying for being an Oromoo. Even the group they joined don’t recognize ethnic based federalism, and the leaders of G7 showed themselves and confirmed that they are not happy with the language of Oromoo, identity and culture booming even under great human right violation and repression in that country.

It is not sin to work and cooperate with other political parties which shares the same value with the OLF. But joining the group which established to weaken Oromoo struggle and destroy ‘Oromumma’ is equivalent to work for the enemy under the cover of ‘Jijjiramaa’. Similar to Oromoo many ethnics are colonized by Menilik II starting in the middle of 19th century to the current TPLF dictator. The genuine OLF and Oromoo People can cooperate  with such organization to intensify the  liberation movement and for mutual benefit. On the contrary the ‘nafxanya’ group has been trying to confuse that if OLF don’t cooperate with them, they assert that it is fighting the whole Ethiopia People. While the truth is except the ‘nafxanya’ group all the ethnics in Ethiopia have been marginalized, lost thier identity and culture for a century. The Oromoo, Somale, Afar, Sidama, Hadiya, Kambata, Gambella, Benishangule, and others even the Tigray People by their name TPLF making a great mistake in the history was ones the victim of the ‘nafxanya’ ruling system. As ‘nafxanya’ ruling system uses the name of Amhara People, TPLF is also using the name of Tigray People. TPLF unable to learn from the mistake ‘nafxanya’ ruling system has  left a wound, scar that consumed the opportunity to live together with respect and dignity for all. That opportunity to live together destroyed by them selves and they are crying to repeat the same mistake by rejecting to the minimum ethnic federalism and opposing the freedom for the colonized Oromoo and other colonized people. Therefore, ‘Jijjiramaa’ group joined them to help and share the mistake the have already committed before 130 years. That is why the great Oromoo’s political scholar and analyst Jawar Mohammed rejected the ‘Jijjiramaa’s’  new program calling it as ‘much ado and about nothing’ (

To the larger scale ‘Jijjiramaa’ group  as a Trojan Horse after destroying the original file of OLF, they entered to confuse and distort the aim and objective of Oromoo Community. They started recently on one Oromoo’s popular community which has been doing remarkable work to attain recognition  by Washington authorities.  They have achieved for their fruitful and enduring works ( I would like to quote from the sayings of this remarkable and pride of Oromoo Community in the DC :

‘The tyrant Meles knows one fact. He knows that the Oromo is the major threat to his long-term dreams and aspirations of domination that is now becoming his nightmare. There is a Chinese Proverb behind his nightmares:

If you want one year of prosperity,
Grow grain.

If you want ten years of prosperity,
Grow trees.

If you want one hundred years of prosperity,
Grow people.’

On the opposite direction,one of the ‘Jijjiramaa’ group leader Taha Tuko exposed thier natural character to confuse by using the name of this popular community ‘As separatists in Ethiopia disarm, a new chapter for D.C.’s Oromo community’ (( I wonder what kind of new chapter they have planned for the community? Suppose the chapter of disarming to attach to themselves? We know they have already disarmed by denying ‘Oromummaa’ and chosen ‘galtummaa and gantummaa’ why they attach the name this community to them selves? This is a warning for the Oromoo community to take care of them selves  and stored data they have kept for so many years from the circulating Trojan Horse in the world (Frankfurt, Oslo, in states of America and others) attaching themselves to miscellaneous and temporary file.

However, there is an ample opportunity for those affected  and confused by the impact of ‘Jijjiramaa’ temporarily, can join the Oromia liberating camp leaving behind the ‘gantummaa’ and ‘galtummaa’ camp like Abbaa Faroo recently left the group. But they should be sure that they are free from the Trojan Horse and they must clean them selves! ‘Lama na hin suufan jette jartiin’ jedhe Oromoon, Oromoo will never entertain again any internal virus like Lichoo Bukuraa, Abbaa Biyyaa Abbaa Jobir and ‘Jijjiramaa’ and others! Original OLF who is working for the libation of Oromia is advised to develop strong and guaranteeing anti-virus internally to avoid any such shameful breakage of the file, data and sytem by similar Trojan Horses.

Oromia is our father land, God bless Oromia!


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