Summary of Qeerroo Movment and Human Right Violation

Mar 18 2012

Compiled in English from Qeerroo News by Daandii Qajeelaa*


The following is Qeerroo’s report covering the Movement’s activities as well the human rights violations of the TPLF regime, which has been militarily controlling Oromiyaa since 1991. The report covers events from February 9 through March 9, 2012.


Compiled in English from Qeerroo News by Daandii Qajeelaa*

February 9, 2012
A Chinese man and an investor, who conspired with the current regime in the eviction of Oromo farmers from their land and whose company was responsible for environmental pollution, was killed in Oromia by an unknown angry resident of Western Shawa zone, Ada’a Berga County [Woreda]. The Chinese man was the holder of the largest shares in Dangote Cement FactoryRead More

February 10, 2012
About 15,000 hectares of sugarcane farmland owned by a Pakistani investor located in Wesern Oromia, Ilu Aba Bora zone, in a village called Bedelle Alabash, was burnt to the ground. The Pakistani investor is one of several individuals, who participated in the current land grab in Oromia, forcefully evicting some 1,200 Oromos. Read More

February 11, 2012
Oromo students in Jimma University, Western Oromia, staged a peaceful protest in their campus. A large number of so-called Federal Police of the regime was dispatched to the area to quash the protest, and has been terrorizing the students. Read More

February 12, 2012
Chala Hailu, a 2nd-Year Law student of Adama University, Eastern Shawa zone, and the author of an Afan Oromo literature book, known as Burqaa Jaalalaa, was abducted and his whereabouts were unknown. The student is believed to have been suspected of involvement in the Oromian youth movement led by QeerrooRead More

February 12, 2012
The following three students of Jimma University have been abducted by the forces of the Woyane-Ethiopian regime, and their whereabouts are unknown. Read More

1. Ebbisa
2. Mengistu Hayilu
3. Hussein Umar
4. Danno

February 13, 2012
Several Oromo students of Jimma University, including the following female students, have been abducted by the Woyane-Ethiopian regime and disappeared. Read More

1. Ketim Efrem, Afan Oromo 2nd-Year
2. Dinknesh, Afan Oromo 1st-Year

February 15, 2012
The following 6 students of Jimma University were completely dismissed from school; they were accused of taking part in the student-peaceful protest at the university campus. Read More

1. Mo’era Lamma, complete dismissal
2. Nuradin Hunda, complete dismissal
3. Tesfaye Berhanu, complete dismissal
4. Wubishet Zelalem, complete dismissal
5. Tekalign Kinde, suspended for two years
6. Mekonnen Dabale Tola, suspended for two years

A later report indicated that all of the above dismissed students were arrested and denied any right to bail. Read More

February 16, 2012
About 40 hectares of sugarcane farm, owned by a Pakistani investor named Al-Beshi, was burnt for the second time in Ilu Aba Bora zone. Read More

February 17, 2012
The following two students have been dismissed from a school in Western Shawa zone, Gindeberet County [Woreda], for allegedly participating in the Oromian youth movement led by Qeerroo – that has broken out in several secondary and elementary schools of the zone. Read More

1. Raggasaa Taddasa, 8th grade
2. Gutu Sori, 8th grade.

February 19, 2012
It is reported that several Oromo students have been arrested from different parts of Oromia. The following are among those arrested. Read More.

1. Lamma Tasfaye, from Finfinne (Addis Ababa)
2. Milkessa Midhaga, a teacher in Dire Dhawa University
3. Girma Nagasa , a 1st-Year student at Jimma University
4. Magarsa Waqjira, a 3rd-Year student at Hawasa University
5. Darara Abdisa, from Jaldu County [Woreda], West Shawa zone
6. Birru Galata, from Ada’a Barga County [Woreda], West Shawa zone
7. Abdalla Alamu, from Gidda Ayyana County [Woreda], East Wollega zone
8. Phawulos Tasfaye, from Sabata town, Western Shawa zone
9. Lellisa Oliqa, from Nekemte town, Eastern Wollega zone
10. Ayyansa Mul’ata, a 5th-Year Law student from Jimma University

February 20, 2012
Several Oromo students of Jimma University were dismissed from school and/or suspended. Read More

1. Misganaw Jalata, 2nd-Year, Nursing
2. Nuyanis Muleta, 2nd-Year, Law
3. Tahir Umer, 2nd-Year, Afan Oromo
4. Abdissa Kabeto, 2nd-Year, Afan Oromo
5. Husen Umer, 1st-Year, Computer Science
6. Adem Amano, 3rd-Year, Afan Oromo
7. Mengistu Hailu, 2nd-Year, Water Technology
8. Geneti Tarekenyi, 1st-Year, Physical Education
9. Danno Dabtara, 1st-Year, Water Technology
10. Girma Bekana, Employee (Oromo)
11. Ebissa Ragassa, 1st-Year, Statistics
12. Abdissa Dabas
13. Lalisa Oljirra, 2nd-Year, Mechanical Engineering

February 21, 2012
Oromo students dismissed or suspended from Jimma University were arrested, taken to the Woyane court under the controversial so-called “anti-terrorism law,” and were denied the right to bail. From among 13 Oromo students dismissed from school and then charged by the anti-terrorism law, the names of 7 students are as follows. Read More

1. Mo’era Lamma, 2nd-Year, Psychology
2. Nuraddin Hamda, 2nd-Year, Psychology
3. Danno Dabtara, 1st-Year, Water Technology
4. Eebbisa, 1st-Year, Statistics
5. Mokonnin Dabale
6. Wubisheet Zalaalam
7. Dargaggo Girma, employee of the cafeteria of the university

February 23, 2012
Several Oromo students of Finfinne University have been arrested for raising legitimate questions through peaceful way. Among them, the names of 14 students are as follows. Read More.

1. Mahdii Ahmad, 2nd-Year, Health
2. Najib Aliyyi, 3rd-Year, Engineering
3. Abdi Mahammad, 2nd-Year, Law
4. Mahammad Abdi, 2nd-Year, Economy
5. Ayub Asfaw, 2nd-Year, Law
6. Jamal Yusuf, 3rd-Year, Health
7. Konjit Aklilu, 3rd-Year, Accounting
8. Fathiya Jamal, 2nd-Year, Afan Oromo
9. Zalalam Dame, 2nd-Year, Health
10. Halima Shamil, 3rd-Year, Law
11. Jannal Mahammad, 2nd-Year, Citizenship
12. Caltu Hassan, 2nd-Year, Health
13. Abbush Katama, 3rd-Year, Citizenship
14. Almaz Yitina, 2nd-Year, Afan Oromo

February 23, 2012
Additional list of Oromo students of Jimma University – who have been apprehended and tortured in prison under the charge of participating and organizing student protests. Read More
(Students Nuraddin Ahmed and Wubishet Zalalam)

Name Department
Zone of Birth County [Woreda] of Birth Age
Mokonnin Dabalee Toloo Psychology
Finfinnee Sulultaa 24
Eebbisaa Raggaasaa Statistics
West Shawa Gindabarat 21
Daannoo Dabtraa Bayyanaa Water Tech
West Shawa Mana sibuu 21
Tasfaayee Biraanuu Bari’ee Psychology
Harargee Abaadir 21
Nuuraddiin Ahmed Barisoo Psychology
Arsi Shaashimannee 21
Girmaa Bokonaa Hundee Employee of University Cafe Jimma Geeraa 29
Misgaanuu Jaallataa Gamtaa Nursing
East Wallagga Nuunnuu qumbaa 20
Abdiisaa Qabatoo Afan Oromo
West Arsi Shaashimannee 21

February 24, 2012
Oromo student Lammi Tesfaye, and 10 more Oromo students and other nationalists arested. Their names and other complete information can be found here.
(Student Lammi Tesfaye)

February 28, 2012
Brave Oromo students and other Oromo nationalists hung the OLF flag at several places in Oromia. Among the places the flag was hung included Ambo and Finfinne universities, schools, health centers, hotels, and even on buses. It is to be recalled that the current government has labled the OLF as a “terrorist” organization, and hence, hanging the flag of such an organization is a major defiance of the authority of the current regime. Few pictures of these flags are shown below. Read More


March 03, 2012
Two Oromo youth, Samuel Fekadu and Adunya Edossa, were apprehended from Ambo town of Western Shawa zone and their whereabouts were unknown. Read More
(Adunya Edossa)

March 08, 2012
A Political Science Lecturer and dozens of students at Dire Dawa University imprisoned. Mr. Milkessa Midhegssa, a Political Science Lecturer at Dire Dawa University, was reportedly taken to custody after security agents accused him of fueling the students uprising that is shaking many Universities and Secondary schools in Ethiopia, specially that of Dire Dawa University. Mr Midhegsa, who is popular among the Oromo students in the campus, was targeted several times before he got his subsequent release. Currently, it was said that he is kept in a very brutal and notorious prison of Ma’ikelawi, where traditionally political dissidents are kept and tortured, and mistreatment is regular.
(Lecturer Milkessa Midhegssa, Student Magarsa Waqjira, Student Waqjira Gutama)

In similar news, kidnappings of students by government security agents continued unabated. In Adama University, students were denied admission to University, even if they are finally free from custody in a rarely functioning judicial system. Waqjira Gutama is one of those whose whereabouts remain unknown after making his way from prison.

Last month, a student named Magarsa Waqjira, who disappeared from Hawaasa University in February, was finally found in the custody of the notorious Ma’ikelawi prison. Although the regime in Ethiopia continued harassing students and civilians without any evidence of crime or wrong doing, the organizedQeerroo Movement is shaping its movement in all directions, and the support of the public is rising enormously. Read More

March 08, 2012
The property of an Habesha investor located in Kuruftu, Eastern Shawa zone, a multimillion hotel known as Kuruftu Resort, was burnt to the ground by an unknown force. The burning of the hotel is believed to be a sign of protest against alien investors, who have evicted Oromo farmers from their ancestors land forcefully and without compensation. Read More

* Daandii Qajeelaa is a regular chronicler of the Oromian Youth Movement’s (Qeerroo’s) Peaceful Revolt Against Subjugation (Fincila Diddaa Gabrummaa – FDG). To read the full accounts of the Oromian Students Movement since 2005, please click here.


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