Ethiopia: Meles Zenawi to stay in power beyond 2015 election. Why?

March 3, 2012

In a secret meeting of TPLF’s big wigs last week, the question of Meles’ fate after 2015 was a topic of discussion. The group was divided into two camps- one advocating for Meles to stay in power until 2020 and others were pushing the idea of term limit and the importance of rotating the office of the Prime Minster to other personalities from different ethnic groups.

Meles’ group led by Tedros, Seyum and of course Azeb Gola were trying to make the point for their proposal that Meles cannot leave power until the millennium dam is finalized and also bring the Eritrean issue to conclusion. Seyum Mesfin who participated via secured video conference also sided with Meles. Seyum was noted saying that Meles’ clout in international arena is irreplaceable and all the credit channels will close if Meles stepped down. Seyum passionately argued that TPLF as a party cannot afford to change the horse in the middle of the stream. Seyum also spilled the beans saying that the much touted five years goal is not achievable by 2015, the party will need more time if it is going to see any of these lofty ideas implemented on the ground.

Sebhat Nega a devout TPLFite, proposed that Meles should hand power to another TPLF political elite member; however, no one in the TPLF circle was enthusiastic to take over meles’ office. The reason is obvious, Meles puts himself in such intractable position, and his office is not attractive anymore. All TPLF elites know that the power is sliding from their hand and they want to use meles’ evasive skills to buy time and find an opportune time to flee…the amazing thing is that Meles despite his public pronouncement that he had it enough and he would like to retire by 2015, he told his TPLF circles that he would like to stay in power until 2020 to see the fruition of his hard work….he told them that he is passionate about the millennium Dam and also he would like to bring the Eritrean issue to conclusion while he is in power. Meles also warned his party that- exhibiting any sign fracture within the party would pose dangerous threat to TPLF existence. Meles admitted that the TPLF dominance is unsustainable and he believes that gradual transfer of power would be beneficial to his party and people at the helm. Meles told them that Ethiopia is not immune from the Arab sprng style revolution- if that occurs, TPLF will be thrown in the dust bin of history. So he told them he can successfully lead a gradual transfer of power if he is allowed to stay until 2020.

After, lengthy discussions, Meles’ group seem to win the argument and Meles gladly agreed to stay in power until 2020. TPLF’s spin doctors will be busy to present Meles’ “change of mind “ in more palatable way to the public and international community including the Americans who were anticipating his departure…

source: Ayyaantuu


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  1. bilisoomsaa lammii
    Mar 13, 2012 @ 23:44:32

    jarsii kun hanga bara 2020 tti nuu bulchinan dhumte dhalli oromoo ,kanaaf jabadhuu qeerroo bilisummaa(wbo) koo ,oromiyaa haara ijaree itti galla ,wal jajjabeessa lammii koo .gabrummaan ni kufa,qabsoon itti fufa!


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