Malicious and Completely False Statement about the Oromo Community in Oslo on Ethiomedia

By Saketa Etafa and Daniel Gemtessa | February 23, 2012

We, the Oromo participants in the task force opposing the Norwegian and Ethiopian governments’ agreement to involuntarily repatriate asylum seekers to Ethiopia (Saketa Etafa and Daniel Gemtessa), read with utter amazement the gibberish entitled “We are moving in the right direction” posted on Ethiomedia on 20 February by a group calling itself Concerned Ethiopians. We categorically reject ever making any of the statements attributed to us by the useless drivel. We participate in the task force only to achieve the single aim of opposing and hopefully averting the involuntary repatriation of asylum seekers from Ethiopia currently residing in Norway. We have repeatedly made this crystal clear to the other participants in the joint task force contrary to the stand attributed to us by the so-called Concerned Ethiopians.   Furthermore, the task force has at no time dealt with the issue of addressing the “tense political differences among Ethiopian opposition parties,” as the group calling itself Concerned Ethiopians claims. Addressing such issues is clearly beyond our mandate as members of the Oromo Community in Oslo since it is not only a non-political body but also embraces members subscribing to different political stands and supporting diverse political groups. For the same reason, the Oromo Community in Oslo is in no position to support or oppose any faction of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), contrary to what the group calling itself Concerned Ethiopians alleges.

We are completely at a loss to understand what positive purpose the utter fabrications of the so-called Concerned Ethiopians would serve. However, we have absolutely no doubt about its negative implication of potentially weakening the ongoing joint initiative to rescue the asylum seekers threatened with involuntary repatriation. Consequently, all asylum seekers have the vested interest in exposing and shaming the individuals behind the malicious statement by the group calling itself Concerned Ethiopians. Our other fellow participants in the joint task force have a direct responsibility to distance themselves from the activities of this malicious group. We want it to be clearly understood that failure to do so would force us to reconsider whether to continue participating in the joint effort or not.

We joined the task force in our firm belief that the struggle for justice is universal. And the road to a just order or outcome cannot be paved with lies and tolerance of lies. Our name has been unjustly libeled and those truly standing for justice need to join us in denouncing the unjust act of the so-called Concerned Ethiopians. We conclude by reminding all concerned the great Martin Luther King’s wise words that “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

Best comment,gadaa says:

Good lesson for all Oromoos from the experience of Saqataa and Gamteessa about the shrewdness of hebesha. ‘Don’t approach Habesha if you do, you turn by tear’. Oromoo, whether we are one, to or many should stand for themselves. Never side them they are very crook to turn every opportunity of Oromoo to themselves we have experienced from: Queen Warqituu of Waloo Oromoo betrayed by Minilik, Liji Iyaasu betrayed by Teferi Mekonen, Gobana betrayed by Menelik, Teferi Benti betrayed by Mengistu Hailemariam,(Oromoo song: Tafari Banti magala qalaa si nyaate yaa *horobalaan*), As an institution ABO betrayed by Meles Zenawi, equivalently Saqataa and Gamteessa betrayed by Oslo habesha group with out informing them and many individual Oromoos have betrayer habeshas even to level of friends and marriage. The same will happen to Jijjirama by G7.

‘Kan cinaan itti himan kan hin galeef cinaacha isaa gaafa cabsan galaaf’ jedhe Oromoon.
Waaqayyo Oromoof hubanaa haa kennu!


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