OSGA Appeals for The Release of Oromo Students Abducted by Ethiopian Security Forces

The following is a statement from the Oromia Support Group in Australia (OSG-Australia).

Call for Urgent Action

April 17th, 2011

Abducting Guiltless Oromo Students from Their Dormitories, Under Gunpoint, and Disappearing is Unacceptable


Dear Officer,

The Oromia Support Group in Australia (OSGA) writing to express its deep concerns regarding the continuation of abduction of unprotected and defenseless Oromo students, under gunpoint, by the Ethiopian security forces:

1. Sena Marara – University of Arba-Minch – (Faculty unidentified yet) – kidnapped on 15th April 2011
2. Sayyaa (Surname unidentified) – University of Hawassa – (3rd year, Faculty of Electrical Engineering) – kidnapped on 13th April 2011
3. Dagim Gizawu – University of Hawassa – (Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering) – Kidnapped on 13th April 2011
4. Getu Bushura – Addis Ababa University – (Faculty of Law) – Kidnapped on 15th April 2011

The Oromia Support Group in Australia (OSGA) is very concerned by the unlawful actions of the Ethiopian government armed forces, invading university campuses and violating the students’ right.

Making defenseless Oromo students a target is illegal that also puts into question the democratic tolerance of the government in the country. As concerned regarding this matter, OSGA would like to point out that the abduction of Oromo students from their study validates the furtherance of human rights violations in the country that reflects the failure of the Ethiopian government on the human rights standards.

Thus, OSGA strongly calls for:

1. The immediate release of Oromo students so that they can return home to their families and study.

2. An impartial and thorough inquiry into the human rights violations, and the violence used on the part of the Ethiopian government armed forces, be pursued.

We hope you cannot allow the Ethiopian regime to continue this inhumane instance; and it is a critical need for urgent measures to rescue the abducted students’ lives. Thank you for your consideration of this serious matter.

Yours sincerely,

Marama F. Qufi

Public Relation Officer,
Oromia Support Group in Australia

* Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights
* Amnesty International
* Human Right Watch
* Foreign Embassies in Ethiopia

– Source: ABO


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