Freedom is the best gift to human being by God!

God filled the earth with all necessary things before he created man. He create man to live freely with the responsibility of conserving and keeping natures. God created man on sixth day after all creation as man an woman along with freedom and responsibility. God created man by his own image and likeness. He created by his own image as male and female.God also created man with a power on the nature and man gives names to the creatures. Any man who kills man destroys the image of God and the creator will not leave the destroyers without punishment. Today all over the worlds human beings are vanishing at the hands of blood suckers and killers. The killings are both openly and secretly in the darkness. Most dictators in the worlds enjoys such hidden way of human being destruction. The very known and historically recorded massacre is the destruction of  Jewish by Nazi German. The Rewanda mass destruction of image of God is also very terrible one. But still nobody recorded and talk about millions vanished image of God (Oromoo People) colonized under Ethiopia for a century. From the middle of 19th century up to the present days when human right awareness reached the maximum level, blood shade of Oromoo People is ignored inside Ethiopia and outside by the powers of the world. More than 5 million indigenous African People, the Oromoo lost their lives during the new formation of Ethiopia by Menelik II using modern weapons backed by west imperialist countries. Such mass destruction was not published widely except by very few compassionate west historians and  very few indigenous scholars who disclosed such  hidden agenda from the world. Starting from the conquer of Oromoo and forceful and bloodily formation of ‘Ethiopia’ to the current brutal regime of Meles Zenawi the blood of Oromoo served the successive dictators of that country as a ‘red wine’ on which they enjoyed and enjoying. Above all the scholars, students, popular business men and women, influential farmers, mass soldiers, youngsters future Oromoo generation have donated their costly blood and God given lives and images to the successive murders in that country. For more than 100 years Oromoo has been shouting to the world to save them and their gifted natural resources from the hand of  brutal colonizers and dictators; no powerful and influential nations responded properly. However, the sounds of super power nations were loudly heard for the first time in response to human freedom and right with regard to long suffered people like Southern Sudan and to all Arab Springs in 2011. Accordingly, these loudly heard sounds to guarantee human freedom, right and dignity from USA, UK and other powerful nations should be repeated similarly for Oromoo in the Horn of Africa as compensation for the so far sufferings, shaded blood and destroyed image of God under silence! The Oromoo people should also continue to demand and struggle in unity and solidarity for their freedom, right and dignity. As our freedom, right and dignity were given to us originally by our creator God. If we stand together we can move the mountain before us. Freedom to Oromoo and to all freedom loving human being!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Freedom, Right and Diginity to Oromoo People
    Jan 19, 2012 @ 02:39:38

    All human being created to live freely with dignity!


  2. abdisaaagaa
    Jan 19, 2012 @ 23:57:29

    Love freedom, give freedom and live freedom!


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