The Potentials of Oromoo and Oromia

Oromoo is originated from the stem of Kush, a child of Kam of which their forefathers and father respectively was rooted from Noh who survived great flood in the history of Holy Scripture. The names of Kushitic People mentioned in different parts of the scripture; the bible call them huge and great people. As thier forefathers, Oromoo people also survived great man made disasters created by people who don’t respect the rule of law and the law of God. As Noh is a man of faith received instruction from God and made huge ark by faith for 120 years which helped to survive the families of Noh and all creatures of male and female from each kind.  Similarly God helped Oromoo to survive from the hands of brutal colonizers and killers succeeded in Ethiopia. Where as the successive dictators of Ethiopia after they have destroyed their identity culture, democratic gadaa system, Oromoo language and torturing psychologically they used the People of Oromoo for promotion of the name Ethiopia after they declared officially the name Ethiopia to the world 1930. Before this year, the colonizers of Oromoo call themselves as Abyssinia. They used Oromoo as a weapon to defeat Italians evasions during 1935; the well known hero of Oromoo whose Italians suffered great from  named Abdisaa Aagaa. Later on after they used Oromoo as a weapon they called themselves heroes ignoring the great role of Oromoo because they don’t want to give recognition for their colony. The best athlete Abebe Bikila whose first name is colony name and his father’s name has meaning in Oromoo ‘the seedling’, small growing plant. Abebe Bikila is the first Athlete who won marathon bare foot 1960 at Rome Olympic.’ It was 1960 at Rome, Africa was just shrugging off the weight of colonial rule and some sporting officials still doubted Africans were ready for the big time. A little over 2 hr. 15 min. later that myth lay shattered by the slight man wearing number 11, a member of Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie’s Imperial Guard and a proud African whose gliding, barefoot run through Rome’s cobblestone streets announced his continent’s emergence as a running powerhouse.’ reported by Time Magazine again in 2008.Read more:,9171,1829863,00.html#ixzz1jxGzBCbn.

Such ‘running power’ called by time magazine, Abebe Bikila is from colonized Oromoo People used for the promotion to the name of Ethiopia. The first daughter of Africa like Abebe Bikila who won olympic marathon winner is from Oromoo named Fatuma Roba. Roba means ‘has potential to rain’ in Afaan Oromoo (Oromoo language). Similarly they have used for the promotion of the name Ethiopia. Darartu Tulu a great Oromoo long distance runner is the first and influential daughter of Africa who won olympic gold in 10,000 meter different times belongs to Oromoo people under the cover of Ethiopia. ‘Darartuu’ means flower and ‘Tulu’ means mountain in Oromoo. When we see the meanings of these African athletes names in ‘Afaan Oromoo’, ‘Bikila’ plants grow under colony, getting rain (Roba) and give flowers (Darartu). Oromoo survived in spite of the cruel repressions have been ongoing on to the current generation. Psychological and physical torture on best Oromoo athlete under successive regimes of Ethiopia continue with every time changing forms but for  similar objectives. Mamo Wolde a popular marathon runner from Oromoo people, the original name his father was Walda’o meaning multiplying grown in Oromoo community and served colonizers and died at the hand of colonizer. The reason I mention the original name of his father was to show that not only Oromoo People but native and original names, language and culture of the people were sized under extremely brutal colonization that carried out by Habeshas by the help of some west countries still backing the dictator Meles. Walda’o (Wolde) died after passing a painful suffering falsely accused by the minor TPLF groups lead by world number one killer, Meles Zenawi still torturing tens of thousands Oromoos in horrible prisons. For detail information about Mamo Walda’o read:

It is from the continuation  of  Mamo Walda’o athletes like Fita Bayisa and others are suffering under the prosecution from the Tigray People’s Liberation Front(TPLF) leading the country by very similar way of apartheid  system. Oromoo’s best young athlete of many 10,000, 5,000 and 3,000 meters record holder and double Olympic champion with 10,000 5,000 meters at the Beijing Olympics was psychologically influenced to marry TPLF general’s daughter after his first fiancee’ died with unknown reason. Oromoo are living in that country where their children don’t exercise their own choice even whom whom to marry. The ever noble athlete of Oromoo recently enquired to change nationality of Ethiopia as a result of discrimination, systematic and hidden rejection for being and Oromoo by the minor group of Meles Zenawi. . Such kind of sabotage by TPLF continued on many popular Oromoo athletes for being an Oromoo. Haile Gebresilasie ever best athletes with great endurance and exemplary for many athletes was grown properly by Oromoo’s mother among Oromoo Communities. But all these world’s best athletes served and serving the colonizers of Oromoo People under the name Ethiopia while their Oromoo mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters are suffering in prison, killed, fled their home and left under savage torture by historically unforgotten notorious TPLF.


Truth and love for each other will set us free!

When we start working for truth and love of Oromoo people we don’t prioritize status quo and popularity but the fruit of truth and love will witness for us as a great media ever broadcast to the heart of Oromoo people from Oromia to international media and beyond. In unity and solidarity let us vow to commit our selves for these loving and caring people who devoid of who cares for them. Develop zeal to work for the freedom of Oromoo which is forgotten for more than a century in the Horn of Africa.

Freedom is the best gift to human being by God!

God filled the earth with all necessary things before he created man. He create man to live freely with the responsibility of conserving and keeping natures. God created man on sixth day after all creation as man an woman along with freedom and responsibility. God created man by his own image and likeness. He created by his own image as male and female.God also created man with a power on the nature and man gives names to the creatures. Any man who kills man destroys the image of God and the creator will not leave the destroyers without punishment. Today all over the worlds human beings are vanishing at the hands of blood suckers and killers. The killings are both openly and secretly in the darkness. Most dictators in the worlds enjoys such hidden way of human being destruction. The very known and historically recorded massacre is the destruction of  Jewish by Nazi German. The Rewanda mass destruction of image of God is also very terrible one. But still nobody recorded and talk about millions vanished image of God (Oromoo People) colonized under Ethiopia for a century. From the middle of 19th century up to the present days when human right awareness reached the maximum level, blood shade of Oromoo People is ignored inside Ethiopia and outside by the powers of the world. More than 5 million indigenous African People, the Oromoo lost their lives during the new formation of Ethiopia by Menelik II using modern weapons backed by west imperialist countries. Such mass destruction was not published widely except by very few compassionate west historians and  very few indigenous scholars who disclosed such  hidden agenda from the world. Starting from the conquer of Oromoo and forceful and bloodily formation of ‘Ethiopia’ to the current brutal regime of Meles Zenawi the blood of Oromoo served the successive dictators of that country as a ‘red wine’ on which they enjoyed and enjoying. Above all the scholars, students, popular business men and women, influential farmers, mass soldiers, youngsters future Oromoo generation have donated their costly blood and God given lives and images to the successive murders in that country. For more than 100 years Oromoo has been shouting to the world to save them and their gifted natural resources from the hand of  brutal colonizers and dictators; no powerful and influential nations responded properly. However, the sounds of super power nations were loudly heard for the first time in response to human freedom and right with regard to long suffered people like Southern Sudan and to all Arab Springs in 2011. Accordingly, these loudly heard sounds to guarantee human freedom, right and dignity from USA, UK and other powerful nations should be repeated similarly for Oromoo in the Horn of Africa as compensation for the so far sufferings, shaded blood and destroyed image of God under silence! The Oromoo people should also continue to demand and struggle in unity and solidarity for their freedom, right and dignity. As our freedom, right and dignity were given to us originally by our creator God. If we stand together we can move the mountain before us. Freedom to Oromoo and to all freedom loving human being!